Rita in Austin

We are expecting Rita to not hit Austin directly. It is expected to be near Austin on saturday with heavy rain and winds. I’m not worried about it, but I’ll be careful.

Some things I’m planning to do:
– Get some cash
– Put important documents in a safe place
– Have enough water and food that doesn’t require cooking
– Have candles, matches and a flash light
– Unplug most appliances
– Don’t leave objects outside the house

More information:
Austin American-Statesman

Update – 09/22 – 5:45pm
Recent forecasts for Rita predict showers, thunderstorms, and 20 mph winds in Austin during Friday night and Saturday. This is a much less severe forecast than yesterday and proof that the storm path and its effects are changing by the hour.

ACL Festival will go on!

Update – 09/24 – 5:00pm
Today was just another sunny day in Austin. Just a little bit more windy than usual. Nothing to worry about!