Shoking news – update

Finally I got my garage door opener fixed. A technician told me that mine, was a very old model and that he wont repair it. Instead he offered me to install and new one for $460. I told him that I saw the openers for $250 at Home Depot, so why pay that much? He explained that the brand they sell at HD is Genie, which is not a good brand. According to him, Genie systems tend to last 3-5 years. Instead, the brand he was selling me (Chamberlain Liftmaster Pro) had a life time warranty, so at the end he convinced me to buy his. He installed immediatly and in 2 hours I had a new garage door opener.

And then last weekend I discovered that the Irritrol irrigation system controller was also damaged by the lightning. So I check on the web and found out that a new one will cost about $150 plus installation.

I started adding numbers and the total went over $1000 which was my deductible. So I decided to file a claim. Good news is that I’m going to receive a $700 check! That covers part of my expenses, but now I have NEW stuff.