Trent Reznor rocks!

In case you had better things to do last Saturday evening and did not checked on Slashdot, let me tell you that Trent Reznor, the brain behind Nine Inch Nails, one of my favorite bands, just released the new single from NIN's upcoming album as a GarageBand file for fan remixes.

GarageBand is an application developed by Apple and shipped with every new computer sold, that lets you easily perform, record and create your own music. Whether you�re an experienced or aspiring musician.

This means that Trent Reznor is allowing millions of people to play around with his music and create new mixes of his song 'The hand that feeds'.

I think this is fucking genius!

For the record, I downloaded the GarageBand file and tried to play it in my new PowerBook. However my laptop only came with 256MB of RAM and GarageBand couldn't play the file. Immediatly I went to the web and purchased 512MB that I found at for a very low price. I bought generic brand memory for half of the price of a branded one. Yes branded memory has a lifetime warranty, but I'm not paying twice as much for that. Even so, the generic memory I bought does have a brand and lifetime warranty (supposedly…).