Bitter Danish Cookies…

I was reading the main Colombian newspaper today El Tiempo and founded a very sad article:

The Danish organization Revolt (Opror) donated U$ 8.500 to the Colombian rebel group FARC-EP to defy the Danish law that prohibits the support of terrorist organizations outside Denmark.

I sent them a message using their website, but I didn't saved the text.

I also sent an email to my Danish friend Anders Meister, and here is part of the text of that email:

“A group called Revolt (Opror) donated $8500 dollars to the Colombian Terrorist group FARC.

FARC used to be a revolutionary movement (40 years ago) when CHE Guevara and Fidel Castro were fighting to liberate latin america from the oppression of dictatorial governments.

Today, FARC is the main owner of the drug bussiness, and the worst kidnapers in the world. They have been in the USA list of terrorists groups for a while and got included in the EU list of terrorists groups a few years ago.

Those $8500 won't really make a difference to FARC's finances… that's like nothing to them (because the drug business gives them millions of dollars), however is not about the money, but about it's meaning.

I'm sure this organization did this donation based on ignorance and not as a bad faith thing. It's sad but FARC has been very good at promoting their group as a Revolutionary cause… obviously they don't mention all the bad things they do…”

Anyway, I think the Colombian government needs to do a better job on promoting what really FARC has done to the country (as well as the ELN and Paramilitares).

Is ironic that you can go to the market and buy Danish cookies. And when Anders was here in Austin, we asked him about the cookies and he had never heard about them. Neither about swedish porn! =)

So I guess is very easy to be ignorant about facts in countries we don't really know.

Just for the record, LEGO is Danish!!!