My VW Golf died!!!


I got my car back. It was the battery. They changed it and I had to pay only $3. If I had bought a new battery and tried it, it would had cost me about $70 so I'm glad I used the road side assistance! You would not expect the battery to be part of the 4 years / 50.000 miles guaranty… sweet!


Yesterday, I borrowed my Golf to Paulina, because she had a medical appointment in south Austin. At 6:30pm she picked me up at NI, and parked in the visitor's parking lot. When I tried to start the car, it made a really odd noise, and the engine never started. It seemed to be an electrical problem, because the clock and the mileage (the one you can reset) went to 12:00 and zero respectively.

I called the VW road assistance number and they sent a guy with a towing truck (is that how you call it?). He first tried to use cables to see if we could start my car with his battery, but it didn't worked. So he towed my Golf to the VW service center and I left the car there. They have envelopes where you can write down your contact information and leave the car keys, so they can work in the car the next morning.

I'm still waiting for their phone call and I'm very curious to know what happened to my baby.

Muleiro gave me a ride this morning. It sucks to live in North Austin and not have a car!

By the way, if you own a VW TDI, check this great website: TDI Club