Lets get Kinky!

Last night Kinky performed at Emo’s (on 6th St). They have a really good show and their electro-lounge-funk style makes you wanna dance all night.

The best part is that before the concert the organizers announced that Jumbo was going to be playing on Nov 2nd and they told the crawd that whoever knew the name of 3 songs of Jumbo was going to get free tickets for that concert. I was a bit far from the stage and I thought that the question was really easy and someone was going to answer it right away, so I didn’t bother going there. But after a few minutes and seeing that apparently no one knew the answer, my friend Lucia dragged me to the stage where I told them the first three songs that came to my mind (siento que, super-acido, monotransistor) and they gave me 2 tickets for the concert. Of course I’m taking Lucia to the concert because she was the one that dragged me over there.