NIN fuckin’ rocks!

Nine Inch Nails at San Antonio Poster
I was very dissapointed that I missed Nine Inch Nails’ concert at Austin a couple of months ago. I heard about the concert too late and no tickets were available. So when I heard that they were coming to San Antonio (SBC Center), I got all excited about it.

I asked my friends and only Gustavo was interested in the concert. We decided to not buy the tickets on TicketMaster, but instead try to find them on eBay. Probably somebody won’t be able to go to the concert and he would have to sell his tickets.

We waited until the last minute and it payed off! We got tickets in a good location for a price below TicketMaster.

About the concert

It was so fucking good! Probably one of the best concerts I’ve ever been. Trent and the whole band were super-charged with energy! They played many songs from their latests album With Teeth and that was a bummer since I only started listening to the album last friday, so I was not very familiar with the songs and lyrics. I’ve heard The hand that feeds before when they released the single in GarageBand format and I’ve heard Only in the radio.

They also played songs from previous albums:
– Terrible Lie
– March of pigs
– Closer
– Hurt
– Wish
– The Frail
– The Wretched
– Suck

They closed with Head like a hole and when the song was over they trowed and destroyed the instruments!


There was a sign outside the venue saying that cameras were not allowed so I went back the leave mine in the car. I could probably had sneaked it in, but I didn’t tried. So I don’t have pictures from the concert. I just found some on flickr that someone took with a cellphone so don’t expect good quality.

Queens of the Stone Age

NIN had two bands opening the concert. One of them was Queens of the Stone Age. I knew this band and I knew they were good, and they did not dissapointed me. The drummer was awesome. I think I want to practice a few of their songs in my drum set. Unfortunaly their sound wasn’t very well set up. Lots off echoes and you could bearly hear the lead singer voice. But they put a great show.