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Chichipanguanorrea ranks again #1 in Google for ‘daniel jaramillo’!

Daniel Jaramillo #1 in Google ranking!

Almost a year ago I posted in this blog that if you search my name on Google, Chichipanguanorrea was the first hit.

Back then I was using HostRave as my host provider and SimplePHPBlog. I also mentioned that I wanted to add a counter to my website to monitor traffic. I installed BBClone and it works great. So far Chichipanguanorrea 3.0 has been visited by 5638 unique visitors.

Then I switched to a different host (DreamHost) and blog freamework (WordPress). When I did this, my website fell down from the top position of the Google ranking. The first hit (ranked 16th or something worse) was not even from my own site, but instead it was from Marcos’ blog.

I read once that one of the criterias for Google to rank a website, is by looking at how recent is the domain. If a domain is younger than 1 year, the site will have less weight. That kind of makes sense, because you should trust older websites more than new ones. But in my case, it wasn’t really a new website. It was an old website being moved to a new domain.

By the way, I just found this article that I could have used in the past: Switching to a New Domain Without Losing Your Google Rankings

Anyway, I was sad to see that I was no longer the coolest Daniel Jaramillo on the web! It really hurted my ego! 🙂

But no worries people! Google has now put me back on #1!

Flickr integration

I decided to give Flickr a try and created an account and installed a WordPress plugin in my site to support it. I need to say that the integration was very easy and I like the results. I also installed a plugin to export my pictures directly from iPhoto to Flickr.

Flick has some constrains on free accounts:
– Only 20 MB can be uploaded each month
– Only 200 pictures will be hosted by Flickr. They say that after 200, you can still access your pictures, but I’m not sure if this works with WordPress.

I decided that I can live with those constrains if I use Flickr only to upload the pictures that I like the most. So let’s see how this new experiment of becoming a professional photographer works!

Chichipanguanorrea revamped!

After less than one year online, I decided to get serious with Chichipanguanorrea and give it a nicer home. I bought 2.4GB of space at DreamHost to host my site and I also bought the domain. My idea is to host my brother’s, my mother’s and my dad’s sites as well, and also ask my sister and other relatives if they are interested on having their own web site.

Since now I have all the power of MySQL, I replaced my SimplePHPBlog system with WordPress.

All I had to do was generate an RSS from my old site and import it to the new one (see details below). I lost the comments on the posts, but I don’t care too much about that. I also had to fix some characters (vowels with tilde and ‘ñ’s) and remove an annoying CDATA section enclosing the posts. I also had to re-categorize the posts. But the whole process didn’t take more than 1 hour.

I also created a cool header with some of my hobbies represented in there.

Chichipanguanorrea 3.0 is juicer and prettier than ever!

Migrating from SimplePHPBlog to WordPress

When I did this the versions were: SPHPBlog 0.4.0 and WP 1.5

I noticed that I got a few visits to my site from people looking on migrating from SimplePHPBlog to WordPress, so I decided to give a more detailed explanation of the process. I hope I can remember all the steps since I did it a few months ago.

Change the preferences of the SimplePHPBlog, so it displays ALL the posts you have ever created in the main page, and not just the last 10 or 15. Then export your current SimplePHPBlog as an RSS document. From the main page of your SimplePHPBlog, right-click the ‘RSS 2.0’ orange icon (on the right sidebar) and select ‘Save Link as…’ and choose a file name like ‘my_old_site.xml’.

When I imported my blog I lost the categories and had to create them and assign them to the posts manually. I think that if you create the old categories in WP (use the same names. Is it case sensitive? not sure) before importing the RSS then WP will assign them properly during the import process. Let me know if you get this part to work.

Now import the RSS inside WordPress.

The sad part: you’ll loose all the comments inside the posts. I didn’t found an easy way of importing them. Oh well, life is never perfect…

And finally the ugly part:
The RSS generated by SimplePHPBlog, encloses the post body inside the <description> tag and adds a ![CDATA[…]] enclosure to it…

For example:
<description><![CDATA[This is the text of my post... blah blah blah...]]></description>

CDATA sections allow you to enclose text inside XML without having to worry about escaping XML special characters like <, >, ' or ".

But WordPress doesn’t remove the CDATA sections so you have to do it manually after you are done importing your XML. Yes, you have to do this on each post.

I also had to fix special characters like tildes (á, é, í, ó, ú) and Eñes, since I had some posts in spanish.

I’m thinking that a better option is to use a text editor and remove all the CDATA sections. Do a manual find/replace on the XML looking for <![CDATA[ and replacing it with blank text. Also replace ]]> with blank text.

Save the XML and open it with an XML parser to make sure it is still valid. Most browsers can parse XML.

If you succesfully tried this second option, leave a message here to let us know that it works.

Chichipanguanorrea 2.0 updated

Welcome to the new look of Chichipanguanorrea. I just installed the 4.0 version of SimplePHPBlog which comes with some new features:

– Calendar view for entries

– Contact Me form

– Block addition (see my new Photos block)

– Categories (now entries can be categorized)

– Stats (I'm still trying to get bbclone up and working)

– Entries rating

Enjoy your visit!

Photos added!

I did some research trying to find a good host to store my photos, since the space I have with HostRave is about 50MB. I found this one called that gives you 250 MB of space and allows you to hot-link your pictures (which means anyone can see your pictures without signing up for anything). They have a really decent user interface to manage your collections and allow you to upload pictures through a web interface, FTP or even email. They also have a CGI API to manage your pictures, which I would like to figure out to dynamically create my picture links on the right of simple blog.

Right now there is only one collection and it only has a few pictures. I'll have a good set of albums pretty soon.

Chichipanguanorrea is back!!!

After a few months of pain, trying to find a good/reliable/flexible/powerful/free webhost, I finally found HostRave which only requirement was for you to have an email address from an internet provider in the US. I use RoadRunner from TimeWarner but I never configured an email account with them. Finally I did, and sent my application to HostRave… and you can guess the rest of the story, since you are reading this!

HostRave supports SimplePHPBlog. Sadly I couldn't upload the old Chichipanguanorrea site, because it creates in the content folder, some subfolders which are very long and contain numbers and symbols, and the UI for managing the site don't allow you to create those. Once the page is created, it does allows you to do it, but not manually. So I lost all the nice comments people left the day of my birthday. Anyway, it doesn't really matters now, the important thing is that Chichinea es back, and is here to stay!

– Daniel