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Plastilina Mosh and Andrea Echeverri at SXSW

Last night I went to see Plastilina Mosh and Andrea Echeverri at Mambo King's during the SXSW 2005 music festival. The concert was great, and we were able to stand right next to the bands. I saw Plastilina last year for SXSW 2004. This time they brought 3 musicians that added a lot of energy and good vibe to the concert.

The cool thing is that I made it in one of the pictures (#28) that a photographer from the Austin American-Statement newspaper took.

The only bad thing was the fact that we had to wait in line 1 hour because the people at Mambo King's were idiots.

Let me introduce you my Drum Set

My drum set

This is my new DW Pacific 5 pieces EZ with a pdp double pedal.

Double pedal: DP402

Hi-Hat stand: HH820

Drum throne: DT700

Cymbals Stand: CB700

Snare stand: ?

I bought it at the Guitar Center, last sunday.

Elizalde helped me buying it and setting it up. It came in boxes and we had to put together the whole thing. I'm very exited and I want to start learning how to play it…

I hope my neighbors don't get mad!