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Medellín 2008: Corralejas

Corraleja en Colombia
Picture by Luis Pérez

A corraleja is a typical celebration from the Colombian coast regions where people gather in a place similar to a bullfight ring and fight several bulls. The difference with a bullfight is that there is no matador in corralejas, but anyone can jump in and fight the bull. And the bull is never killed. It is very dangerous and lots of people get injured. But you can stay off the ring and just watch the whole thing while you listen to a live band and drink alcohol.

Yesterday I went to a Corraleja with my friends from college and it was very fun to watch but also disturbing to see all these drunk guys fighting the bull and doing it for money or alcohol. They would ask the crowd for money after doing different dangerous tricks like jumping on top of the bull, and they will also show you their wounds and ask you for money to pay the hospital.

After the corraleja was over we went outside the ring and listened to a vallenato concert by Silvio Brito and stayed there until 11pm dancing and drinking more aguardiente. Finally a friend took me home and my sister was having a good bye party since she will be moving to Virginia next week to pursue a PhD.

Year 2013


Last 3rd of November was my 6th anniversary living in Austin. I moved here when I was 23 and although 6 years aren’t much time for many people, so many things had happen to me, good things I must say, that it seems a long time.

I came here with one bag full of clothes and my CD collection. Now I have a house full of furniture, electronics, kitchen-ware and lots of other things I probably don’t need. Its funny how you get used to and addicted to all these things. How could people survive before the Roomba was invented?

As a big coincidence, two years ago it was posted in this blog an article about my 4th anniversary in Austin. There was a long list of people I have met over here. I’m sure that list is much longer now.

The question now is: what is next? What are the next 6 years going to bring? Where am I going to be by year 2013?

I don’t have answers yet. Do I need an answer? Should I just keep enjoying my day-by-day the same way I have done it for the past 6 years? It seems to have worked out just fine.

I think I’ll think it over a beer!

Hearing loss poll

With age we lost the ability to hear high frequencies. I’m 28 and I cannot hear frecuencies above 15KHz.

Here is a ringtone called ‘the mosquito’ which young people use for their cellphones to prevent adults from noticing that their cell phone is ringing. The ringtone frecuency is at 17KHz.

I’m curious to know if you can hear this ringtone or not: Please leave a comment on this post with your age(*) and let me know if you can hear it.

(*) If you are a young, single, sexy female, you can also leave your phone number. 🙂

You can learn more about the mosquito ringtone here.

Paranoia de aquello imposible que tal vez fuere…

Esta joya me la encontré viendo archivos viejos en mi computadora del trabajo…

Paranoia de aquello imposible que tal vez fuere…

No se, todo comenzó como una idea, un hito sin flujo. Los retrazados lo pedían a gritos, sin embargo nadie podía contener la inercia de tanta vanidad. En aquel dia las campañas y aquellos seres inanimados que insinuan sonidos y gritos desmedidos, pensaron que todo seria de una vez por todas diferente. Pero se equivocaban. La maldita metafora seguía inmutable y nada parecía cambiar. Todo seguía inerte, tanto como el primer dia… el día en que todo comenzó a carecer de sentido.

Según el invierno, aquel no podía ser otra cosa que lo que nunca quiso ser. Es decir, todo lo que se había tejido al rededor suyo, no era más que una máscara de su propia emancipación. No era para menos. Estaba loco y no podía ver más allá de sus narices.

De allí que nunca se volvieron a escuchar sus quejidos y lamentos. De allí que prefiere sentarse en esa banca del parque a contemplar atardeceres y basura caminante, en vez de estar en medio de su propio suburbio intelectual. Y no es para menos… y no es para menos.

Abril 16 de un año cualquiera, a las 6 menos cuarto de la tarde…

Y se concluye: Demasiado trabajo y estrés te convierten en un idiota…

100% de acuerdo con la conclusión.