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Tres docenas y una pintura de zurda

Gol de James Rodriguez a Uruguay
Fue un 28 de Junio de 2014 cuando el reloj marcaba las 5:28 de la tarde, que el tiempo aminoró su eterna prisa y James Rodriguez detuvo el balón con el pecho de espaldas al arco que defiende el guardameta Uruguayo Muslera y sin permitir que el balón se despegue ni medio metro de su cuerpo giró y empalmó el balón con un zurdazo impecable que infló la red y el corazón de los miles Colombianos que ahí estábamos siendo testigos de un momento histórico para el fútbol Colombiano y que teñíamos de amarillo el mítico estadio Maracaná en Rio de Janeiro.

Ese mismo día mi torta imaginaria requirió 3 docenas de velas.

Brasil 2014: The adventure begins!

Thursday, June 12 – Austin & Berlin
Daniel & Juan David flight from Austin and Berlin respectively!
BRA – CRO 17:00 (SP)

Friday, June 13 – SP & BH
Host: Ambassy Hotel
Daniel & JD flight to Belo Horizonte!
MEX – CAM 13:00 (Natal)
SPA – NET 16:00 (Salvador)
CHI – AUS 18:00 (Cuaiba)

Saturday, June 14 – BH
Host: Ambassy Hotel
URU – COS 16:00 (Fortaleza)
ENG – ITA 18:00 (Manaus)
COT – JAP 22:00 (Recife)

Sunday, June 15 – SP
Host: Santiago
Daniel & Juan David flight back to Sao Paulo
SWI – ECU 13:00 (Brasilia)
FRA – HON 16:00 (Porto A)
ARG – BOS 19:00 (Rio)

Monday, June 16 – SP
Host: ibis budget Sao Paulo Jardins
GER – POR 13:00 (Salvador)
IRA – NIG 16:00 (Curitiba)
GHA – USA 19:00 (Natal)

Tuesday, June 17 – SP
Host: ibis budget Sao Paulo Jardins
BEL – ALG 13:00 (BH)
BRA – MEX 16:00 (Fortaleza) – Estadio Morumbi – Bell Marques / Fat Boy Slim
RUS – KOR 18:00 (Cuiaba)

Wednesday, June 18 – SP
Host: ibis budget Sao Paulo Jardins
AUS – NET 13:00 (Porto A)
SPA – CHI 16:00 (Rio)
CAM – CRO 18:00 (Manaus)

Thursday, June 19 – SP
Host: Jairo
COL – COT 13:00 (Brasilia)
JAP – GRE 19:00 (Natal)

Friday, June 20 – SP
Host: Jairo
ITA – COS 13:00 (Recife)
SWI – FRA 16:00 (Salvador)
HON – ECU 19:00 (Curitiba)

Saturday, June 21 – SP
Host: Jairo
ARG – IRA 13:00 (BH)
GER – GHA 16:00 (Fortaleza)
NIG – BOS 18:00 (Cuiaba)

Sunday, June 22 – SP
Host: Jairo
BEL – RUS 13:00 (Rio)
KOR – ALG 16:00 (Porto A)
USA – POR 18:00 (Manaus)

Monday, June 23 – SP
Host: Jairo
AUS – SPA 13:00 (Curitiba)
CAM – BRA 17:00 (Brasilia)
CRO – MEX 17:00 (Recife)

Tuesday, June 24 – SP
Host: Jairo
ITA – URU 13:00 (Natal)
COS – ENG 13:00 (BH)
JAP – COL 16:00 (Cuiaiba)
GRE – COT 17:00 (Fortaleza)

Wednesday, June 25 – SP
Host: Jairo
NIG – ARG 13:00 (Porto A)
BOS – IRA 13:00 (Salvador)
HON – SWI 16:00 (Manaus)
ECU – FRA 17:00 (Rio)

Thursday, June 26 – SP
Host: Jairo
POR – GHA 13:00 (Brasilia)
USA – GER 13:00 (Recife)
ALG – RUS 17:00 (Curitiba)

Friday, June 27 – SP
Host: Santiago

Saturday, June 28 – SP
Host: Santiago
1A – 2B 13:00 (BH)
1C – 2D 17:00 (Rio)

Sunday, June 29 – SP
Host: Santiago
1B – 2A 13:00 (Fortaleza)
1D – 2C 17:00 (Recife)

Monday, June 30 – SP
Host: Santiago
1E – 2F 13:00 (Brasilia)
1G – 2H 17:00 (Porto A)

Tuesday, July 1 – SP / Austin / Berlin
1H – 2G 17:00 (Salvador)

That night Daniel & Juan David return to Austin and Berlin respectively!

Life in Austin: Update (not worth reading)

There is a time in every blogger’s life when you simply don’t have much interesting material to post about, so you decide to create a post about the last few things that have been going on. Unfortunately this is not the first time I do this, so feel free to drop some hate comments and show me your love and appreciation.

Last week I was recognized in my company with the ‘Engineering Excellence’ award which is given to about 8-15 engineers every year. I was pretty happy with the award because it motivates me to keep working hard and doing a good job at work. (Note to self: update resumé)

Last weekend it was Claudia Lorente’s 30th birthday which she celebrated at her place with a fabulous cricket game. A lot of friends were there and I had a great time. The day after was Gabriel’s bday and we celebrated it in my house. I hadn’t had a party in my house in a while and I figured I could have one. The party was really fun, lots of friends, alcohol and dancing until 5am. The next morning I had to play soccer with the NI Eagles and we beated team Black Star 2-0. There are only two games left this season and it looks like we have a chance to finish 4th or 5th place if we win the last two games. Right now we are in 7th place.

I already did my taxes which I still need to send, including a big fat check that I wish I didn’t have to pay. I was surprised how quickly I did my taxes. Either after 6 years doing taxes you get better at it, or TurboTax has became much better, or I just don’t care much about them anymore that I don’t triple check everything. I think it is the combination of those three.

I’m jealous of two friends (Eva Noyola and Natalia Uribe) who are going to Portishead concerts in London and Munich. So far I haven’t seen anything about them coming to the US.

Life is good…

Happy Holidays 2007

Navidad VerdolagaDesigned by JD

Chichipanguanorrea 3.0 staff wishes you love and joy during these holidays and an amazing new year 2008. This time we are very sorry we could not hire neither Ugly Santa nor Ugly Elf, but we put together this beautiful christmas tree to keep the holiday spirit alive and we hope you enjoy it (specially if you are a ‘millionaire‘, a ‘devil‘ or a ‘powerful‘).

FIFA is peeing 2500 meters outside the toilet

Blatter is an idiot
Joseph S. Blatter strikes again. AP Photo/Diether Endlicher

“Está meando fuera del tiesto”, is an expression in Spanish that means that someone is doing something stupid (like peeing outside the toilet!), and that is exactly what the world’s most important soccer organization is doing by issuing a new regulation that states that no international soccer match can be played over 2500 meters above sea level. This is huge because three country capitals of the adean region in southamerica have an altitude over 2500: La Paz (Bolivia), Quito (Ecuador) and Bogota (Colombia) so the rule means that these three cities will never host an international soccer match. The whole thing started because a brasilean team (Flamengo) had to play against a Bolivian team at an altitude of almost 4000 meters. I agree that 4000 is too high, and FIFA could do something about that. Maybe the maximum altitude should be 3500 meters. But 2500 seems ridiculous.

In 2003 a soccer player from Cameroon died in the soccer field because of the high temperature. That game was hosted in France! Shouldn’t FIFA also ban international soccer matches at extreme temperatures?

The FIFA argues that they performed a medical analysis to support their decision. If that medical report is true, then I suppose that no other sport should ever be played at that altitude, which means that no one should be allowed to parachute ever, or climb the Everest, or practice skiing at the Alps, or…

FIFA is retarded!

Adventures in Spain

I started posting a few comments from Spain during my trip, but then it became more difficult to find internet access. Now I’m back in Austin after a very loooong flight back home and I’m very pleased to say that my trip was fantastic. I think Spain is a beautiful country with very nice people, food, weather and things to do. I would love to come back again and see other places that I missed this time (San Sebastian, Bilbao, Sevilla, Córdoba, …).

Here is a summary of my trip:

November 16
Austin – Newark – Madrid – Barcelona

November 17Photos
Arrival to Barcelona
Caro’s Ajiaco for lunch!
Go to gallery / bar with Caro, Nati and Marco
Ultramarino Bar with Alejandra

November 18
Sagrada Familia
Paseo del Modernismo
Paseo de Gracia
Downtown Barcelona
Barrio Gótico
El Raval
Champañeria (1 bottle of champagne with cheese and ham for 7€!)
Latin Party

November 19Photos
Flight to Madrid
Mad Hostel
Meet with Idoia

November 20Photos
Bus to Toledo with Idoia
Back to Madrid
Chocolate with churros

November 21
Jardin Botánico
Museo del Prado (La Maja Desnuda – Goya & Las Meninas – Velásquez)
Su Majestad la Reina Doña Sofía
Puerta de Alcalá
Plaza de las Cibeles
Palacio Real
Catedral (Almudena)
Noche de Flamenco en Casa Patas con Idoia, Monica y Vanesa

November 22
Museo Reina Sofía
Parque el Retiro
Plaza de las Ventas
Lunch at Casa Alberto
Estadio Santiago Bernabeu (Real Madrid) – Photos

November 23Photos
Flight to Granada
Meet with Caro
Cathedral of Granada (graves of both Queen Isabel and King Fernando)
Walk around Granada

November 24
Walk around Granada

November 25
The AlhambraPhotos
Barcelona F.C 4 – 0 VillarrealPhotos

FC Barcelona: Valdés; Zambrotta, Puyol, Thuram, Gio; Edmilson (Oleguer, m. 77), Deco, Iniesta, Giuly (Xavi, m. 67); Ronaldinho y Gudjohnsen (Ezquerro, m. 72).

Villarreal CF: Barbosa; Javi Venta, Fuentes, Cygan, Arruabarrena; Marcos Senna (Somoza, m. 88), Josico (Tacchinardi, m.45), Cani, Marcos García; José Mari (Guille Franco, m. 45) y Forlán.

1-0, m. 34: Ronaldinho (PK)
2-0, m. 54: Gudjohnsen
3-0, m. 69: Iniesta
4-0, m. 87: Ronaldinho

November 26Photos

November 27Photos
Parc Güell
Casa Batlló

November 28Photos
Teatro Museo Dalí

November 29
Museo Picasso y Sabartés
Fundación Joan Miró

World Cup 2006 – Jogo Feio

Another World Cup is over and that only means that we have four boring years ahead!

Today the Italians won their 4th World Cup 24 years after they won their last one back in 1982. I must say that the Italian team was very compact and well organized in defense. They played very good as a team and they had their top match against Germany. I think Germany, Argentina and Spain were better teams but Italy had other elements playing in their favor like the referees always favoring them and the luck of playing weak teams in the finals (Australia and Ukrania).

If the Brazilians are the masters of the ‘Jogo Bonito’, Italians are the masters of the ‘Jogo Feio’. It is sad that they use so many cheap tricks when they have enough talent to win games fair and square. Today in the final Materazzi used his big mouth to insult Zinedine Zidane and the french lost its cool and attacked the Italian with his head like a bull. None of the four referees saw the incident and the Italian goal keeper Buffon asked the 4th referee to check a video replay of the situation. Then the 4th referee explained the incident to the main referee Horacio Elizondo and he pulled a red card on Zidane. FIFA has never allowed the use of video replays during soccer matches to make decisions, so I think it is terrible that they allowed this rule to be changed on the fly on the most important game of the World Cup. Shame on FIFA! I think it was horrible what Zidane did, but since none of the referees saw the incident nothing should have happened.

Anyway, I have this feeling that neither Italy, nor France deserved to win this World Cup. I think Germany should have won it. But again, Italy beated Germany fair and square, so I guess they did deserve it at the end.

Update [07/10/06 – 11:52 a.m.]

FIFA is now claiming that video replay was never used to pull the red card on Zidane. I hope this is true.

See the story on BBC News.

World Cup 2006 – Before semi finals

The World Cup 2006 is almost over with only four games left.

It’s going to be an all-european teams semi final which proves again that European countries are very strong when they host the World Cup. Only Brazil has been able to win a WC in Europe when they did back in Sweden 1958.

The semi finals are:

Germany vs Italy
The only favorite left. Being the host country can play in your favor or against you. The referees are always going to be localists, but playing at home has the extra preassure that your crowd expects you to win. Germany has won all their games easily except the game with Argentina. In that game the Germans looked nervous and didn’t play the great soccer they have shown in the other matches.

Italy had to play in one of the most difficult groups in first round and they have not lost a single game so far. They have been helped a lot from the referees, specially in the games with Ghana, USA and Australia. The Italian defense and goalkeeper are very strong and has only allowed one goal (scored by one of their defenders) and their strickers have done their part scoring.

If Germany plays as nervous and conservative as with Argentina, this game could end up with a tie (0-0, 1-1) or with one team winning 1-0. If the game goes to penalty kicks, we are going to see two of the worlds best goalkeepers Buffon and Lehman.

France vs Portugal
France had one of the easiest groups of the WC but they played horrible, and made it to the second round in second place after Switzerland. But then it was like the French team turned on the ‘Jogo Bonito’ switch and they played perfect games against Spain and Brasil, two teams that we all thought were favorites to win the WC. Zidane showed his best soccer against the Brazilians and proved the world that he still has lots of soccer to give.

Portugal had to play against two very physical teams: Netherlands and England, and they won both games with lots of guts. You can tell the Portuguese have fun on the field and I think it is because of their coach Scolari. I think Portugal has a much younger team than France, although they do have a man with lots of experience like Figo.

Figo vs Zidane, Ronaldo vs Henry…