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Happy Birthday to me!

I’m happy to celebrate one more year on earth. And I’m very thankful because this year was full of good things and memories, some of them stamped in this blog: I’m doing great at work, I got my permanent resident (green) card, Jeronimo, Alex Muleiro and Diego got married, I bought a new PowerBook and a Drum Set, Nacional got its 8th championship, I went to Colombia on easter, my sister moved to Albany and my brother to Valencia, NI Eagles was promoted to first division, … can’t complain!

I’ll do my best to keep this next year as exciting as the one that ends today…

Thanks to everyone who sent me an email, a greeting card, gave me a phone call or left a comment in my blog! Also thanks to my friends that showed up at Habana. All I can say is that I had a really great birthday!

Check the pictures from Habana.

Nacional a la final!

Foto tomada de la página

Por tercera vez consecutiva, el glorioso equipo Atlético Nacional de la ciudad de Medellín se clasifica para las finales del fútbol colombiano. En un partido emocionante, Nacional derrotó al Deportivo Cali como visitante 2-1 y con ese resultado se clasificó a la final.

Es la tercera final que jugamos. Antes se jugó contra el Medellín y contra el Junior y ambas finales las perdimos. Esta vez será contra el Santafé. Será que la tercera es la vencida? Ojalá que si!

Vaaaaaamos, vamos mi veeeerde!
Que esta nocheeeeee!
Tenemos que ganar!!!

El primer partido de la final jugado en Bogotá (en el “sancionado” estadio Nemesio Camacho “El Campín”) quedó 0-0. Eso quiere decir que todo se definirá este domingo en Medellín.

La octava estrella está cerca!

To World Cup or not to World Cup?

The south american qualifiers for the World Cup Germany 2006 are getting hotter. Argentina has already qualified. Brasil and Ecuador are almost qualified. And the battle for 4th and 5th position is between Paraguay, Colombia, Chile and Uruguay. Venezuela still has options while Peru and Bolivia are eliminated now.

Check the standings here.

Colombia wasn’t doing very well, but in the last two games, we beat Peru 5-0 and Ecuador 3-0. Today Colombia is in 5th position and if the qualifiers were done, we would have to play against the winner of Oceania to qualify.

The important matter is that the idea of traveling to Germany in the summer of 2006 is in my mind again. I just hope Colombia makes it to the World Cup.

Memorial Weekend at Monterrey

Alejandro, Nora, Ron, Julia and me, went to Monterrey (Mexico) this Memorial Weekend and we had lots of fun. The drive is long but is worth it.

We got to Mty around midnight on friday, so we just had a few beers in Santiago and Ioanis’ house and went to bed.

On saturday we had some street tacos and then we went to ‘Cola de Caballo’ (Horsetail) a very nice waterfall located outside Mty. Then we had some michelada’s (like a bloody mary with beer instead of vodka) and then we went to ‘Las Palomas’ to have lunch. The food there was amazing and we had a great time.

Then it was time to enjoy Mty’s night life. We went to a club called Bar Rio and we stayed there until 5am. We were a big group and the place was packed. Lot’s of beautiful girls, alcohol and dancing… very nice!

On sunday we woke up around 2pm and went to have tacos at ‘El papalote’ (the kite). Nora was crazy about going to this store called ‘Mango’ since she used to go there when she lived in Spain, so we went to a shopping mall and left Nora and Julia there, while we went to a Santiago’s friend house to watch the finals of the mexican soccer league. After the game we picked up the girls and drive around Mty. Alejandro showed us the ITESM campus and over there we made a new friend: a crazy duck kept following us all over… it was really funny.

The last thing we did that day was having dinner at Sanborns.

On monday morning we bought some bottles of liquor and we head back to Austin.

It was a really good weekend, I had lots of fun, and I’m very thankful with Santiago and Ioanis who let us stay in their place and made sure we had a great time over there.

Click here to check out the pictures!

Chichipanguanorrea revamped!

After less than one year online, I decided to get serious with Chichipanguanorrea and give it a nicer home. I bought 2.4GB of space at DreamHost to host my site and I also bought the domain. My idea is to host my brother’s, my mother’s and my dad’s sites as well, and also ask my sister and other relatives if they are interested on having their own web site.

Since now I have all the power of MySQL, I replaced my SimplePHPBlog system with WordPress.

All I had to do was generate an RSS from my old site and import it to the new one (see details below). I lost the comments on the posts, but I don’t care too much about that. I also had to fix some characters (vowels with tilde and ‘ñ’s) and remove an annoying CDATA section enclosing the posts. I also had to re-categorize the posts. But the whole process didn’t take more than 1 hour.

I also created a cool header with some of my hobbies represented in there.

Chichipanguanorrea 3.0 is juicer and prettier than ever!

Migrating from SimplePHPBlog to WordPress

When I did this the versions were: SPHPBlog 0.4.0 and WP 1.5

I noticed that I got a few visits to my site from people looking on migrating from SimplePHPBlog to WordPress, so I decided to give a more detailed explanation of the process. I hope I can remember all the steps since I did it a few months ago.

Change the preferences of the SimplePHPBlog, so it displays ALL the posts you have ever created in the main page, and not just the last 10 or 15. Then export your current SimplePHPBlog as an RSS document. From the main page of your SimplePHPBlog, right-click the ‘RSS 2.0’ orange icon (on the right sidebar) and select ‘Save Link as…’ and choose a file name like ‘my_old_site.xml’.

When I imported my blog I lost the categories and had to create them and assign them to the posts manually. I think that if you create the old categories in WP (use the same names. Is it case sensitive? not sure) before importing the RSS then WP will assign them properly during the import process. Let me know if you get this part to work.

Now import the RSS inside WordPress.

The sad part: you’ll loose all the comments inside the posts. I didn’t found an easy way of importing them. Oh well, life is never perfect…

And finally the ugly part:
The RSS generated by SimplePHPBlog, encloses the post body inside the <description> tag and adds a ![CDATA[…]] enclosure to it…

For example:
<description><![CDATA[This is the text of my post... blah blah blah...]]></description>

CDATA sections allow you to enclose text inside XML without having to worry about escaping XML special characters like <, >, ' or ".

But WordPress doesn’t remove the CDATA sections so you have to do it manually after you are done importing your XML. Yes, you have to do this on each post.

I also had to fix special characters like tildes (á, é, í, ó, ú) and Eñes, since I had some posts in spanish.

I’m thinking that a better option is to use a text editor and remove all the CDATA sections. Do a manual find/replace on the XML looking for <![CDATA[ and replacing it with blank text. Also replace ]]> with blank text.

Save the XML and open it with an XML parser to make sure it is still valid. Most browsers can parse XML.

If you succesfully tried this second option, leave a message here to let us know that it works.

Colombia tierra querida!

The last time I went to Colombia was 2 years and 3 months ago, and boy, I was missing the country, the family, the friends, the food and the weather! So I decided to travel to Colombia from March 19-30. Only 11 days to enjoy all the little pleasures that this paradise can offer. Yes I know, I’m being a bit dramatic here… if you are annoyed just jump to the pictures and have a nice day!

Vaaaaamooooos! vamos mi verde!… que esta nooooche!!!… tenemos que ganar!

The crowd was cheering, jumping and screaming! It was crazy! it was beautiful… I was back at the Atanasio Girardot stadium getting ready to watch Atlético Nacional vs DIM, the two local teams…the classic match! the “derby”… the best game you can watch in Medellín!

Last time I saw a soccer match was before moving to the USA, more than 3 years ago. I was so excited.

And things couldn’t have been better for me: my beloved team Nacional beat DIM 4-0. A Sunday evening that I won’t forget… and neither DIM fan’s 🙂

That next Monday, grandma and my aunts went to my house and we had a great BBQ.

Cartagena de Indias

It was Tuesday 22nd of March around 4am and I was on a cab with the beautiful Catalina Escobar on my way to Cartagena, the same city that recently gave its symbolic keys to Diego Armando Maradona. Last time I went to Cartagena I was 2 years old and all I remember are 3 images that barely flash in my head: being next to a canyon in the old wall, being in the house of Alonso Velez parents and being in the sea with my mom and my sister.

I loved visiting Cartagena. I stayed at the Caribe Hotel, visited the old city (downtown) with Cata, ate really good Caribbean food (including arepa de huevo at the “Narcobollo”) and enjoyed an awesome massage at Cata’s mom’s spa. But the most important thing was to see Cata again after 3 years and spend a “Muy Delicioso” time with her. She is moving to Buenos Aires soon, so it was great that I have the chance to see her.

Medellín: eterna primavera

Back in Medellín I was able to meet with my friend Julio who is working in Bogotá. We went a couple of times to the Lleras Park looking for some “cuquilamosas” but everyone in Medellín was somewhere else. On Saturday we went to San Pedro town to Daniel Monsalve’s girlfriend’s family’s ranch. Over there we went to a pound to fish some trout and back in the ranch we ate the most delicious BBQ I have eaten in a long time.

Then we came back to Medellín and I took a cab to Llanogrande to meet with my college friends. We went to a very nice “fonda” (bar) called “La lucha” and listened to great live music and had a lot of Rum and “guaro”. I was able to see Jose Restrepo and his fiancé Lina, Felipe Garcia y Maria, Bonaice, Michell and Alvaro with his girlfriend. We stayed at a ranch that Alvaro rented and it was very nice to wake up in the morning and smell nature. I even took a picture of the ranch donkeys.

I came back to Medellín and met with Alelo Velez and Steve at “El Tesoro” mall, and that night my old friends from high school went to my house: Alelo, Santiago Duque and his girlfriend, Checho Molina and his girlfriend and Carlos Perez (Buho – Owl) and girlfriend. We had a couple of Pilsen beers and talked about the old times.

The last things I did on my trip to Colombia, was riding the “Metro Cable” which is a cabin pulled by a cable built in a very complex (and violent) part of Medellín, visited my University (EAFIT) and talked with teachers I took classes with, had lunch with John Jairo (el negro!), visited the Antioquia Museum where there is a lot of Fernando Botero’s work and had a delicious hamburger at Hamburguesas El Corral with Alelo, Olguita, Maritza Roldan and Monica Contreras.

200% Alegría

All I can say is that I feel really happy about this trip to Colombia and I made my self a promise to return soon. I loved seeing my parents, my relatives, my friends and my country.

Let the pictures speak.