Escopetarras and lousy t-shirts

This week two interesting news got my attention:The first one is about César López a Colombian musician and Luis Alberto Paredes (a musical instruments manufacturer) who are converting weapons into instruments. This week the colombian vicepresident Francisco Santos, gave César two AK47 from former paramilitars, to have them transformed.


The ‘Escopetarras’ (escopeta / gun + guitarra / guitar) is their most famous creation and several artist like Juanes, Shakira, Julieta Venegas, Fito Páez, Paul McCartney and Andrea Echeverri either have or want one. When these artists get this gift, it is not to display it as a decorative object, but it is a compromise to work in favor of world peace.

The second one is about Fighters + Lovers: a store in Denmark that is selling clothes with logos of the terrorists groups FARC-EP and PFLP which claims that a percentage of the sales will be sent to those groups. The colombian goverment is very concerned about this and it is asking the danish goverment to investigate the issue.

FARC fashion

Farc Fashion

The original image has been removed from the Fighters + Lovers website. I’m adding an image from another site.

No long ago we also stated that a NGO called Opror was also sending money to FARC-EP terrorists.

At the end two lessons:
You can transform war into music, art and peace.
Or you can transform war into business, money and T-shirts.

Update: The Danish police has arrested the members of Fighters + Lovers and has shuted down the website.

Well done Longhorns!

The University of Texas (UT) football team won last night the Rose Bowl beating the University of South California (USC) 41-38 and became National Champions.

This is a huge accomplishment for the team, for the University and its home town Austin. 1970 was the last time UT won the National Championship.

I don’t particularly love football and I know very little about it. Those who know me know that I’m a “fútbol” (soccer) guy, but I watched the game last night and it was very exciting and fun. Besides, it is always nice to drink a few beers with good friends even if you are watching Bay Watch or “Pedro el Escamoso” 🙂

Hook ’em Horns!