Flickr integration

I decided to give Flickr a try and created an account and installed a WordPress plugin in my site to support it. I need to say that the integration was very easy and I like the results. I also installed a plugin to export my pictures directly from iPhoto to Flickr.

Flick has some constrains on free accounts:
– Only 20 MB can be uploaded each month
– Only 200 pictures will be hosted by Flickr. They say that after 200, you can still access your pictures, but I’m not sure if this works with WordPress.

I decided that I can live with those constrains if I use Flickr only to upload the pictures that I like the most. So let’s see how this new experiment of becoming a professional photographer works!

Shoking news – update

Finally I got my garage door opener fixed. A technician told me that mine, was a very old model and that he wont repair it. Instead he offered me to install and new one for $460. I told him that I saw the openers for $250 at Home Depot, so why pay that much? He explained that the brand they sell at HD is Genie, which is not a good brand. According to him, Genie systems tend to last 3-5 years. Instead, the brand he was selling me (Chamberlain Liftmaster Pro) had a life time warranty, so at the end he convinced me to buy his. He installed immediatly and in 2 hours I had a new garage door opener.

And then last weekend I discovered that the Irritrol irrigation system controller was also damaged by the lightning. So I check on the web and found out that a new one will cost about $150 plus installation.

I started adding numbers and the total went over $1000 which was my deductible. So I decided to file a claim. Good news is that I’m going to receive a $700 check! That covers part of my expenses, but now I have NEW stuff.

NI Week – Day Three

Sorry for not posting sooner about the last NI Week day. I didn’t really spent much time there, since I only attended the morning keynote. It was given by Jeff Clarke, Senior Vice President of Dell Computer Corporation.

The main point in the keynote was ‘Standardisation’. When a technology becomes a standard, its cost drops significantly, the performance improves and more choices are available. At the end everyone benefits from standard technology.

A mouse that years ago was a revolutionary device is now a days a standard technology.

Unfortunately, there are many examples that show that not always the best technology available becomes the standard.

You can watch the three keynotes here.

NI Week – Day two!

Yesterday the Robolab mentoring went pretty well. I was assigned to a group of guys from an Ohio company called Inoveris that produces digital media (CDs, DVDs, …) and a professor. They were the Robolab challenge champions at NIWeek 2004, so I thought that they were not going to need much help from me. But since the laptops we got to build our programs were iBooks I got in charge of writting the software because I was familiar with the OS. Out of 6 missions, we were able to complete 4 in the 3 hour time slot we got. We picked the easiest missions and our software and hardware was actually very simple. We didn’t use touch or light sensors, only the motors and timing. Let’s see how things work out tonight.

This morning I went to Las Manitas again and then headed to the convention center for the keynote. Later I attended to a session called ‘Extreme Home Automation’ which made me think about doing some cool ‘home improvements‘ and then attended to a session showing how LabVIEW was taking advantage of three of the main features in Tiger OS X: Spotlight, Dashboard and Automator. I can see the Spotlight integration very useful, to quickly find VIs.

Now I’m back at work, but I’ll go to the convention center again this afternoon to cheer for my team in the Robolab challenge.

The Robolab contest was very fun and my team did very well. We ended up in 5th position.

Tomorrow is the last NI Week day and I think I’m only going to attend to the keynote.

NI Week – Day One

I always thought it was very cool when people go to a conference and daily log their activities. So I’m going to try to do the same.

I woke up early today and went with my sister, Marcos, Alejandro, Andres and Raffaele to Las Manitas Mexican restaurant to have breakfast. Then we headed to the convention center and got good seats to see the keynote.

The keynote was very cool with very nice demos. The one I liked the most where a Compact Fielpoint system controlling 3 inverted pendulums. Another very cool one was a bearing sorting machine using Vision and Motion products.

Then I went to a presentation from the and they got me really interested into open source development. Perhaps I could try to create a LabVIEW based application, and put it out there as an open source project.

I had lunch with the Integration Services group at PF Changs, and now I’m here waiting to hear a presentation called: Designing Plug-in User Interface Modules in LabVIEW.

Later at 4pm my group will be giving a presentation so I’ll be there as backup.

And at 5:30pm I’m going to be working as a RoboLab mentor for the RoboLab challenge. I hope that works fine.