Shocking news!

Not exaclty the kind of shocking news you’ll expect:

Yesterday, there was a big thunder storm in Austin. I was at work during it and it didn’t seemed too bad. When I got home, I sat in front of the TV and suddenly noticed that it was smelling like an electrical component was burning. I got closer to the TV and the smell got stronger. It was my AIWA amplifier! I turned it on, but it wasn’t generating any sound. Then I figured that my internet router probably went down during the storm, so I go and check it and both the cable modem and the router where off and the plate that covers the electrical outlet broke in pieces… damn!

Then I try to open the garage door: guess what? doesn’t open either! fuck!

Then I start feeling a bit warm, but noticed that the AC compressor outside was working. So I get closer to the vent that sucks the air and feel no sucking at all. This is too much! the internal AC fan seems to be broken as well! Crap!!!!

Finally I walk close to the subwoofer, and notice the power light is off… shit! is dead too!

I already went to time warner and exchanged the cable modem. Also called the AC repair guys and they can only help me next monday. I hope they fix it as part of the warranty. If not, I’ll have to call the home insurance to see if they cover all the stuff that got fried on friday!

To make things worse: It is saturday and I’m at work doing testing for a go-live installation.


Cable modem
Replaced it with a new one at Time Warner for no cost (you already knew that), but the new modem didn’t worked. Today the TW technician went to my place and fixed the cable. The cable and the filter were fried too.
Cost: None

Wireless router
Looked for the Airport Express and you could get one for about $100. Then I looked at and found an offer for another Linksys router for $35 (after 10% discount + $10 mail-in rebate) . Airport Express is a nice gadget, but I don’t think I need one. The router is on its way.
Cost: $35

After surviving the weekend without AC, finally a technician went to my home today and fixed it. The controller board and the motor controller were both replaced. The pieces were under warranty but they charged me $224 for the labor. 🙁
Cost: $224

Garage Door
Went to Home Depot and a nice model costs $150 + $100 for installation. 🙁
Cost: $250

Receiver and Subwoofer (and DVD player maybe)
The receiver and the subwoofer both died. The DVD player seems to work, but I could not operate it with the remote. I think the infrared receiver is broken. Unfortunately, many features can only be set using the control. If that’s the case, I’ll probably have to replace the DVD player too.
Cost: Receiver ($150), subwoofer ($70), DVD player ($100)

Total estimated loss: $829 🙁

Second Update

Last night a bought a new receiver. It is a very nice one that Cetrulo recommended me. The brand is Onkyo and the model is TX-LR552(S). According to Cetrulo it uses a very good digital amplifier from Tripath.

The best part is that the receiver was on sale at Frys. It’s price tag was $399, but I only payed $149!