Impact 128 MB SD Card and Pentax Optio S4i don't work!

During the thanksgiving weekend I purchased an Impact 128 MB secure digital memory card for my digital camera (Optio S4i) at Walmart, because the price was really low (U$15). My friend Vanessa also purchased two memory cards of the same brand.

When I tried the memory in my camera, it seemed to work ok, but I noticed that the camera was taking more time to record the pictures. But then after taking a few more pictures, the camera displayed a black screen with the following message:

“Memory card error”

Vanessa also tried her memory and both cards failed with the same error message.

I even tried to format the memory card with the camera and it failed to do so.

I want to try the memory with a different type of camera to see whether the problem is caused when using that type of memory with an Optio S4i, or if it is a problem with the cards.

I have another memory SanDisk and it has been working great for the last 6 months.

Thanksgiving in Dallas!

I went to Dallas for Thanksgiving and had a lot of fun. Click here to check some pictures.

Ana Yepes was in Dallas so we kept the tradition of getting toghether (Vanessa, Ana and me) every thanksgiving…

On saturday Alejandro and Raffaele came to Dallas and we went to see the VAREKAI show from Cirque du Soleil. It was an amazing show and I really enjoyed it.